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Where are your offices?
We currently have offices in these locations. You are welcome to call or visit any time.

For Our Customers
Who owns JAG?
In 2000, the stockholders formed the company with a vision to provide the highest quality professional services available to judicial systems while maintaining the maximum level of standards, ethics and integrity in the business profession.

How much does probation supervision cost?
The probation services are provided at no cost to the city or county. The offender pays a monthly supervision fee throughout the term of their probation.

How are indigent cases handled?
Fees are waived or reduced based on federal poverty guidelines. In some cases court fines can even be converted to community service work.

How are court fines and restitution disbursed?
JAG will disburse, by check or electronic transfer, collected court ordered fines/costs to the Clerk of Court, or designated party, on a weekly or monthly basis. The disbursement will be accompanied by a complete accounting of all cases under supervision, and the cases for which fines were collected during the period.

For Our Probationers
What is the drug testing policy?
JAG conducts regular or random drug screening, based on court orders, through obtaining urine specimens. Once specimens are obtained from offenders, they are logged for security purposes, and shipped to the lab for test results. Test results are sent to the probation officer, via fax or email, within 48 hours.

Can my probation be transferred to the city I live in?
Yes, with approval from the court.

Can my probation term be extended?
Generally, no. Most states prohibit extension of probation terms.

Do non-reporting probationers pay supervision fees?
No. Probation supervision fees are only required when you are reporting to your probation officer.

What happens if I violate my probation?
Typically, a probation violation warrant will be issued and you will be required to appear in front of the judge for a revocation hearing to answer the allegations.

Is online reporting available?
Yes. Contact your probation officer for additional information.


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