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JAGWare Probation Management System
JAG has designed and developed one of the most comprehensive automated probation management packages available today. Combining over 20 years of software engineering and 40 years of probation experience, we created a case management system that will exceed your expectations.

Superior Characteristics
  • JAGWare subscribes to the American Probation and Parole Association's functional software standards.
  • Secure and encrypted access anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • No software deployment, installation, maintenance or upgrade issues.
  • System performance not dependent on quality of users' desktop computers.

Management Attributes and Advantages
  • Users have access to over 40 stock reports and form letters. We can also create new ones, depending on complexity, at little or no cost.
  • Reports and form letters can be branded with your logo.
  • There is no limit to the number of community service locations, attorneys, judges and courts that can be defined.
  • Individual cases can easily be transferred between probation officers.
  • Managers of multiple offices can easily access case information remotely from any location.

Officer Features and Benefits
  • Officers utilize an interactive interview screen to standardize data collected during probation reporting.
  • Reports can be automatically generated and emailed.
  • Ability to locate Probationers and Cases using Address, Docket #, JAGWare ID Number, SSN, Last Name or even Similar Last Name or Date Of Birth.
  • The system monitors the probation term to include days served, days remaining, days tolled and will automatically recalculate the correct probation end date as necessary.
  • Officers have the ability to easily schedule and reschedule probationer contact requirements, classes and community service obligations.
  • Officers can select probationers eligible to perform electronic reporting.
  • Custom form letters containing case related information can easily be created.

Interface Characteristics
  • JAGWARE is 100% web based and accessible from any location with a web browser.
  • Pictures of probationers can be captured and attached to documents using an inexpensive web cam or uploaded from a digital camera.
  • A standard �Status Page� shows, at a glance, important statistics about the caseload of the office.
  • Upon selecting a probationer, the system will automatically notify officers of pending action items.

Collection Features
  • The system actively tracks fine, restitution and fee balances and notifies officers of past due amounts.
  • Authorized users can easily define how the system applies payments received.
  • Receipts reflect amount paid, account balance, next report date and other outstanding conditions.
  • The system can generate daily, weekly and monthly reconciliation reports.

Support Services
  • We provide 100% of the server maintenance and perform nightly backups of all data.
  • Program errors are automatically sent via email to the JAGWARE �helpdesk� for immediate review and resolution.
  • Users can record issues they encounter through the built in trouble ticket tracking system.
  • JAGWare support staff are available to you 7 days a week at no charge.

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